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Basic accounting services include the following:

  • chartered accountant, with whom you will have direct contacts on a one on one basis
  • complete and full-range of accounting services, preparation of tax files and statutory reports
  • booking of sales invoices, supplier invoices, bank statements and petty cash
  • keeping analytical accounts and subledgers of customer balances, supplier balances, fixed assets and petty cash
  • preparation of monthly, quarterly, yearly tax declarations to the tax authority and other authorities
  • written notification about tax liabilities, deadlines and bank account numbers
  • continuous contact, tax advisory services with the Hungarian and international legislations and regulations taken into account

Other accounting services include the following:

  • periodical and retrospective accounting services
  • internal review of accounting in case of tax inspections
  • representation before authorities, full engagement in procedures of tax inspections
  • preparation of “cafeteria” system
  • preparation of company policies
  • representation of companies of foreign ownership before authorities, assistance in VAT reclaims
  • providing information about the financial situation and result of the company on a regular basis
  • preparation of management reports in unique format with the result of the satellites or business units

Accepting or rejecting invoices, issuing invoices, keeping record of forms subject to strict tracking requirements, management techniques of inventory, cash and other cash equivalents is the responsibility of the company. Accounting is based on the documents and information received from the company.