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Payroll accounting

Salaries and wages and the related taxes always cause heavy burden to bear to companies and the value of human resources also makes this area very sensitive. We can provide you with the following services:

  • preparation of payroll calculation and salary lists on the basis of the information received from the client
  • preparation of payroll calculation of commissions, bonuses, premiums, dividends, “cafeteria”
  • preparation of payroll tax files
  • preparation and  filing compulsory reportings
  • administrative management of sick leave and sick pay
  •  reporting the commencing and end date of employments to the tax authority, preparation of the relating documents
  • advisory services on employment and labour issues
  • preparation of tax certificates
  • exporting payroll information, postings

Keeping the records of employments and employees, contracts, notices of dismissal have to be prepared by the client.