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Our motto: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” (Theodore Roosevelt)


Our company started its operation in our group of companies in 1990, since 2008 – with a clean profile - as a separate legal entity we have been providing accounting services (bookkeeping, payroll services, preparation of tax files), tax planning, tax counselling and management consulting services.


At present we provide accounting services to nearly one hundred micro-, small-, and medium sized enterprises of Hungarian or foreign ownership. Among our clients Hungarian business entities and business entities, branch offices, commercial representations of companies and group of companies of foreign ownership with more than one billion net sales revenue employing more than one hundred employers can be found.


If you are planning to set up a company we could be at your service from the very first steps. We undertake company incorporations in Hungary and abroad, tax planning, tax optimization, defining company structure, planning and operating the administrative and controlling system.


Our accounting services involve the traditional accounting tasks: bookkeeping, payroll calculations, preparation of tax files and representation before authorities – all in a reliable and high-quality form of work.


On demand we can take over all the administrative office work, too. If you feel that the administrative workload of your company takes up all your time and you are unable to concentrate on the more important business matters because of the paperwork, we can issue your sales invoices, manage your banking system, keep under control your outstanding invoices and simplify your office routine.


We believe that accounting service is not the equal of the end of a process. Properly interpreted numbers can promote the operation of your company’s everyday life, that is why we think it is important to have constant consultation and contact. We not only do the bookkeeping tasks of your company but periodically we review the economic and financial situation of your company and consult with you about it at a personalized counselling.


If you are facing a decision-making situation or planning to invest, acquire or merge or simply you would like to have a clear insight into the financial situation of your company we can give a review of your company. An independent expert’s opinion could ease to make a decision, optimize your taxation and reinforce the efficiency.


We provide the opportunity to have remote bookkeeping or outsourced accounting services. All the documents are scanned and recorded in a systematic and orderly manner. Our own data servers, customer relationship management software and accounting software programme all serve the purpose of effective and safe data processing.


If your company is the member of a group of multinational companies, we undertake the preparation of the monthly (or periodical) management reports in a few languages. On the basis of our cooperations in the neighbouring countries we can attend to the accounting tasks of group of companies of Eastern-Europe.


If your company is subject to audit or becomes subject to audit for some other reason we wholeheartedly recommend our partner auditors. They all have extensive professional experience in performing audits in the most precise, quickest and reliable manner all over Hungary.


You can send your documents via post or bring them personally to one of our offices.  Our offices are located in Budapest, at Lake Feneketlen and in Debrecen in the office building at Simonyi Gate in the town centre. On demand the take-over of the documents can be arranged at the location of the client.


The basic way of keeping in touch with our clients is via email, which we use in the case of sending the monthly tax obligations, too. Our accounting software programme is able to create export and import files and all the files can be saved in pdf, txt or excel format.


In line with your company’s demand you will have an appointed chartered accountant, with whom you will be able to cooperate by continuously exchanging information. Our colleagues are young, ambitious, dynamic and well-qualified professionals speaking foreign languages.


By sending you our monthly newsletter we keep you updated about the latest and ongoing  changes in regulations on taxation and other financial and economic issues.


Our company takes the responsibility of the mistakes made by us or our subcontractors (in respect of imposed penalties: default penalty, late payment interest etc), we have liability insurance to cover the costs of this nature. We are proud that we have not had to use our liability insurance so far.