Tax counselling

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“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.” - Henry Ford


Conference room

We can help you in overcoming any obstacles and keeping your eyes on the goals.

  • when setting up a new company we help you to choose the proper form of company, prepare a plan on taxation, we inform you about the usual procedures at authorities, give you useful information on the area of employment or business life of companies so that the first steps could be made without any difficulties.
  • in the course of risk analysis or when facing a tax inspection we review the documentation of the given period, scrutinize the  general ledger, subledgers and the most important contracts. We notify you about possible shortcomings and failures in written form. We give you advice on modification of accounting procedures and tax optimisation
  • as required we undertake the representation before authorities in the course of tax inspections, preparation of tax-files for earlier periods and self-revisions
  • if you are planning investments you can turn to us in connection with financing investments. We can help you in case of a company takeover or sale.
  • we undertake the preparation of tax files of companies of foreign ownership, its representation before authorities and provide advisory services in connection with business transactions of foreign exchange.