Our sense of humour

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 An accountant says to her boss:

  • Hey Boss, quarterly figures are completed! I have counted them ten times.
  • Great!
  • Here you are. All the ten results.

An accountant visits one of her clients, a farmer. The farmer is trying to get the sheep into the sheepfold. He says to the accountant:

  • You are very good with figures, aren’t you? You wanna make a guess, roughly, how many sheep there is in my flock?

The accountant is just staring at the flock for a minute and then she says:

  • One thousand eight hundred and thirty two.
  • Wow! said the farmer in surprise. How did ya know?
  • I counted the legs and then divided that with four.


A marketing person, an entrepreneur and an accountant is taking an exam at maths.

The examiner puts the very last question to them: How much is 2+2?

The marketing person says: 3,99

The entrepreneur says: at purchase price it is 3, at sales price it is 5.

The accountant says: How much do you want it to be?


Who is an auditor?  – An ex-accountant who cannot write only read.